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Look for Me

Wallace Larame was a successful psychologist, but he had grown tired of his patients’ problems and decided he had had enough.  When he met Lauri, he had no idea he would find himself so connected to so many people with vastly different lives.

Look For Me spans two continents and a thousand years.  From a battleground in eleventh century Ireland, to the artificial world of a 1956 movie star, with time in an 1850 immigration ship and an 1871 Pennsylvania coal mine, sometimes you just can’t be certain of the outcome of the events that surround you.  Look For Me is a remarkable love story you won’t want to miss.

ISBN: 978-0934279161


I Will Find You

Tired of reality, Wallace Larame had an experience in the old cemetery that transformed him forever.  After all, who would have expected that he and Lauri could have had a past together?  To think that she was able to change matters that affected the way Wallace would see the world was something he never could have imagined.

This tale makes a car wreck seem mild.  The heyday of deceptive 1898 yellow journalism stacks up against the blazing 1932 Dust Bowl, linking the eleventh century with the twenty-first.  I Will Find You is an amazing love story that twists reality in a way you would never expect.

ISBN: 978-0934279178

Missing You

Finally things seemed to be going well for Wallace Larame, until the unthinkable happened.  What went wrong and how did it come to pass?  Even the detectives were puzzled.  The Great Depression wasn’t over, and with eyes on the future, there was hope of getting control of events, though unknown forces seemed to have other plans. 

Missing You accelerates in directions Wallace and Lauri would rather not go.  Ice and snow, drought and dust—be careful when you lay your head down at night, as there is no telling what will go through your mind. Can an undying love overcome the evil of centuries past?

ISBN: 978-0934279185


Everything to Me

What Wallace Larame learned was troubling.  No, it was downright upsetting.  He had to find an answer, but the risk he and Lauri would have to take carried with it a dreadful price.  People were burned at the stake in 1025, and in 1637, there were so many forms of torture that it is a wonder that anyone was willing to do anything wrong.

Everything to Me is a legendary love story with one foot in the past, another in the future, and you just don’t know where you are going to land.  From Texas to Colorado to Ireland--it’s not so much where you end up, but when.

ISBN: 978-0934279192


Morton Falls Publishing Company
Paperback, 274 pages
4.17" x 6.87" (10.6 cm x 17.45 cm)
BISAC: Fiction / Historical

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Look For Me Series (Four Book Set)

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